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Hannah BennettAs an injury solicitor who deals with people affected by brain injuries and their families, any studies into the causes or symptoms of brain injuries are both interesting and welcomed.

A recent American study recently has revealed that multiple hits to the head over years from playing sport for example, can lead to brain damage. 

The study looked at the brains of athletes and soldiers who had sustained a number of head injuries during their lives. Those studied developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy – a progressive degenerative disease found in individuals who have been subjected to multiple head injuries. The study found that the development of this condition could be traced through four stages of development.

The condition sadly causes unpredictable behaviour and depression and has gained publicity in America in recent years following the deaths by suicide of former high profile athletes.

The condition is starting to be taken more seriously in America with youth and college football schemes trying to limit the number of head impacts to athletes in games and during training.

The first of the four stages of the condition is, headaches and loss of attention. Second is  depression, short terms memory loss and anger issues, The third is dysfunction and cognitive impairment with dementia, aggression and difficulty with words occurring in the fourth and final stage.

The study suggests that a number of mild hits to the head can bring on the condition rather than repetitive traumatic injuries which had been previously thought..  It has been stressed however, by the researchers behind the new study that the condition is caused by total overall repetitive brain trauma and not just one or two concussions.  

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