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Each year leading up to and on bonfire night, we see appalling attacks on firefighters, as crews respond to hundreds of bonfires across Scotland from the hundreds of calls handled by operational control firefighters. This is one of the busiest periods of the year for the fire and rescue service and any attack on these professionals who are committed to keeping the communities of Scotland safe must be condemned.

These attacks can be both physical and vocal and impact on firefighters attending incidents as well as operational control firefighters handling the hundreds of calls received.

FBU members work every day to protect the public. To be attacked by some of the people you’re there to serve is outrageous. Thankfully, these sorts of incidents are not common, but we do not want this becoming the norm.

Violent attacks on firefighters have reduced over the past 10 years – largely because of the increased presence of firefighters in their local communities. Firefighters are trusted by the public. It’s a trust that allows access to people’s homes to tackle fires, to perform preventative work, such as fitting smoke detectors and community safety work. They provide a humanitarian service that has earned the trust of the public.

This weekend, families up and down the country will want to enjoy firework displays. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is highlighting the risks to communities from deliberate fire setting and attacks on crews with its’ #BangOutOfOrder campaign to raise awareness of the impact these incidents cause.

Listen to the professionals and visit the SFRS safety advice website page that advises the public to attend a safe, organised public display.

If FBU members have suffered a personal injury then we advise them to contact Thompsons Solicitors Scotland. Thompsons are the FBU solicitors who support and represent FBU members. For further details, contact your local FBU rep.

Guest blog by Denise Christie, FBU Scotland

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