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The costs of legal help seem to rise year upon year, making it extremely difficult for some people to hire a lawyer. This makes it difficult for those injured at work or in the street to file a dispute. By using a no win, no fee lawyer you may be able to make a claim, even if your injury hasn't stopped you from working. By using a no fee Lawyer on no win, you could well be entitled to compensation from your employer.

We offer this service that means there is no upfront cost to take action, whilst still covering all legal aspects of your claim. This way, the act of taking someone to court is easier on you.

Our experienced lawyers will do the paperwork for you whilst still informing you of how your case is progressing. If the claim needs to go to court, your appointed solicitor will present your claim to court.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you do not need to pay us any money, so you have nothing to lose. Taking out after-event insurance guarantees that you will not have to pay the other side's legal costs. If you do not take out this insurance, you may have to pay the legal costs of the defendant. Of course, when you win your case, your lawyer will attempt to recover all of the legal costs from the other party's insurance meaning you will only have to pay a very small percentage which will have been agreed the start of the claim.

In general, most personal injury claims can only be acted upon within the first three years after the accident, so it is in your interest to get us to assign you your no win, no fee lawyer so you can claim as soon as possible. When you call us for your Lawyer, we will take a few details about your incident and quickly assess whether or not we think you are indeed entitled to compensation.

If you wish for our help in starting a case or even if you need more information regarding our procedures, contact us today for free and impartial advice about no win, no fee claims and no win, no fee lawyers.

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