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No Win No Fee Solicitorsge ton their bikes to help cyclistsMy friends at Thompsons have been out and about on their bikes to give a better service to cyclists who end up in accidents.  I love getting around on my bike and Mrs Thom and the kids do too but it can sometimes be really pretty dangerous.

Road traffic accidents with cars are bad enough but when you’re out on the road on a bike you can really feel exposed.  They tell me that they’re dealing with more and more cycling accidents at Thompsons as part of their expert road traffic accident team (It’s a good thing that they’re experts in personal injury law so they can really give victims the support they need.)

It’s great that Thompsons really wants to understand the hazards I experience everyday when I’m out on my bike– no other no win no fee solicitors would do that!   I heard they didn’t fall of their bikes once, but it happens to me far too often for my liking. 

The road’s a dangerous place and a road traffic accident can always be around the corner whether it’s on a bike, motorbike of car.  If you have any type of road traffic accident call Thompsons Solicitors.  They’re experts and they’re no win no fee!  

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