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I am really disappointed to learn that the Protection of Workers Bill brought by the Labour Party’s Hugh Henry, is in danger of being defeated.

The bill is being advanced to protect people at work from being assaulted by members of the public.

The bill, which was introduced in June of this year, is now at stage one of parliamentary process. However, the economic committee at the parliament, who have been scrutinising the bill, have indicated that it would not extend the legal protection currently in force and recommend that it be voted down. However, the committee have called for consideration to be given to new prosecution and sentencing guidelines in relation to assaults on workers who deal with the public in order to tackle the perception that aggravating circumstances are not taken seriously. This last part, may be seen a sop to those bringing the bill. However, the bill which has gathered large support from shop workers, major retailers and transport workers is unlikely to succeed.

At present, it is an offence to assault or obstruct people providing emergency care such as doctors and nurses but it seems as though the parliamentary committee consider the bill goes too far which is unfortunate given the extent of the backing from shop workers union Usdaw, to the Scottish Grocers Federation and the Cooperative Group.

On the other hand, if you are assaulted by a colleague at work, suffering personal injury,  then you may have a claim against your employer, failing which, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

I am still waiting on some of little Thom’s presents, a stand up chalk board and a handheld console that I’d ordered online to be delivered, which is frustrating but nothing to get angry about as owing to an act of god, there is little we can do about it. In any event, it just means that we can stagger little Thom’s Christmas into 2011.   

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