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Qatar’s Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, has commended David Cameron’s stance on Employment Rights, citing the conservative government’s track record on issues such as tribunal fees and the Trade Union Bill as being the inspiration behind Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers building stadia for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Michael BriggsIn recent years, Emir Al Thani has received plaudits from transnational construction firms and petrochemical conglomerates for his regressive attitude towards worker safety and the tenets of basic human decency, and for the caviler disregard he shows towards any form or redistributive policy initiatives, but he admits there is still work to do if he is to surpass his idols on the Tory front bench:

“The latest proposals before the British Parliament will actually ban Trade Union members from paying their membership dues directly from their wages, even if they want to. These are far more restrictive anti-Union laws that we could even imagine!” Gushed the Emir in an interview with the Daily Mail.

The Emir has been able to boast some significant inroads into combatting Employment and Health & Safety concerns in recent years: it is estimated that in excess of 4,000 migrant workers have died in Qatar since construction began for the World Cup; surviving workers are held in virtual servitude by their ‘sponsor’ company due to restrictive immigration laws many are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

The nation’s regress has been so marked that many agencies, including Amnesty International, even rank Qatar above the UK in terms of Human Rights abuses and gender inequality. None of this, however, has made the Emir complacent:

“At the minute we lead the way in depriving workers of their rights, but we know nothing is guaranteed. At present, Mr Cameron is restricted in what he can achieve by the Human Rights Act and membership of the European Union, but he is working on removing these hurdles. Once these restrictions are out of the way, nothing will prevent the Tories from returning Britain to its pre-eminence as a Dickensian nightmare for its workers.”

Emir Al Thani’s praises of David Cameron echoed similar praise from other world leaders, such as Equitorial Guinean’s supreme military dictator Teodoro Mbasogo and Turkmen autocrat Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow, both of whom praised the Tory Government’s inaction on zero hours contracts and recent record on cutting disability benefits.

Mr Cameron was unavailable for comment.

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