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Thompsons blogs on legal myths

Thompsons top legal team explain the reality behind many misunderstandings and untruths in the legal world.

The aim is simple: to debunk some legal myths which you may have heard. Whether it be something quirky (and possibly disturbing…) such as the supposed law allowing Scots to be shot within the walls on York on any day bar a Sunday or something serious like “if I die without a will, everything will go to my spouse anyway” (wee note – it might not!) or something ridiculous like the Government’s claim that we have a “Compensation Culture” in the UK, we’ll cover it all. And we’re even happy to receive suggestions as well.

Whilst the intention is to keep things light-hearted, there is also a serious point and that is to expose some legal myths for exactly what they are – myths. For example, and this will be covered in later blogs, the Government’s claim that we have a “Compensation Culture” in the UK is nothing more than a myth.

The Tory Government has long since decided to cut down access to justice for what they shockingly perceive to be “red tape” and obstructing free commerce, through the introduction of fees for employment tribunals and the introduction of section 69 of the Enterprise Act 2013. Even their own figures don’t support the existence of a compensation culture with claims having halved to a little over 90,000 in the ten years between 2002-03 and 2012-13.

The reality is that if the Government desperately wants to reduce the supposed “Compensation Culture”, they should be ensuring that business strictly uphold health and safety laws, repeal section 69 and tighten up any existing loopholes with a view to ensuring the health and safety of all employees at work.

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