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Title DeedsAre you fortunate enough to have paid off your mortgage? If so, you need to read on. If not, just look at the picture of the cat playing Monopoly… isn’t that something!? You’ve got to be kitten me!

So, you’ve finally made your last mortgage payment and you now own your home outright. Congratulations are in order, but there’s one last step you must take before you can be freed from the shackles of mortgaged debt.

Your mortgage – technically known as a ‘standard security’ – is a legal document giving your lender (the big bad bank) a right to repossess your home if you don’t comply with your mortgage conditions.

When you’ve paid off your mortgage, your lender will typically say “we’ll hold on to your title deeds, but if you want to discharge your mortgage, you’ll need a solicitor.”

That’s where Thompsons can assist.

For a small fee we will deal with your bank and have everything put in place to have your mortgage removed from your title deeds just as quickly as possible.

Once it’s done, we’ll store your title deeds in our storage vault.

Then you can relax, invest in a cat and a Monopoly board and enjoy having a place of your own. 

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