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Greg Whyte, SolicitorWe all know that the best way to beat speed cameras and avoid paying speeding tickets is to not speed in the first place.

However, there may be times when a notice of intention to prosecute (NIP) lands through your door and you are sure that a mistake has been made.

While this is rare, mistakes do happen or procedure is not followed properly which can mean that, legally, you can avoid the fine. 

There are ways to illegally avoid speeding tickets ranging from tampering with your licence plate to falsely claiming somone else was driving.  However you could end up facing a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice if, for instance, an advance camera proved your were lying about someone being responsible.

However, there are opportunities to challenge your speeding ticket or overturn the speeding fine. Always:

Check that all the details on the speeding ticket are correct; make sure your NIP has been sent to you within the 14 day time limit (plus a day or so allowed for post to get to you); check the vehicle details, date, time and location of the alleged speeding offence are correct (however a minor typographical error will not help you).

If it was a speed camera ticket, go back to the place where it happened. Are the speed limit signs correct and legal? For instance they must be on both sides of the road and not obscured by trees. Take photos if necessary.

If you are sure that you were not speeding you can ask for copies of the photographs and other evidence.

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