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Children’s injuries are a very common occurrence of Emergency Departments in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Research shows that safety devices, such as helmets and seatbelts, are being ignored in many cases.

A case study on children’s injuries in a Scottish district hospital shows that cycling helmets were used in only 26% of cycle accidents and seatbelts were used in 71% of car accidents. This is an alarming number, particularly so with the cycling accident statistics. The low helmet use is a major threat and pose risks for children as their heads are unprotected and exposed to possible skull fractures and brain injuries which again can lead to long-term disabilities or even result in death.

Another factor which I found alarming was the lack of adult supervision; adults were present in only 49% of the cases!  Being a parent myself I understand you need to give children responsibilities and let them learn the practicalities of life on their own but lack of supervision can often contribute to injury risks!

Has your child has been involved in an accident that was not their fault?  Contact my friends at Thompsons Solicitors who have over 25 years experience helping people obtain the maximum compensation they deserve and their No Win No Fee policy means they  take care of the financial burden of legal action at an already stressful time for you.

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