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As someone who represents a lot of bus and train drivers I was pleased to see that Labour MSP Hugh Henry has launched a bill last week aimed at protecting these persons from violence or harassment at work.

Mr. Henry says the Bill will help impose harsher sentencing on a “thuggish minority” who’s thoughtless and inexcusable actions cause the whole community to suffer. For example, if a bus driver is assaulted primarily he or she suffers but secondary to this, others suffer as the bus service is removed causing them to miss work or other appointments.

The Bill aims to be an extension to the Emergency Workers Act 2005.  I have a special interest in this piece of law as Thompsons Solicitors are consulting with Trade Unions and the Scottish government with a view to improving this piece of legislation.

It is a source of shame that a minority of idiots continues to thoughtlessly attack transport workers.

Sanctions under the new bill could be up to a year in jail or a £10,000 fine.

Thompsons together with trade unions will press for the harshest sanctions possible by campaigning to improve the law to protect the working man and woman.

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