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Wills, Exectury, Power of Attorney

By now you’ve no doubt heard that the world will end Friday.

That’s right – according to a very loose interpretation of the Mayan Calendar, supported by the hysterical media as well as the resident jakey down at my local pub, the 5125 year-old Mayan calendar ends on Friday 21st December 2012.

And that can only mean death, apocalypse, doom, total destruction.

But not really…

These theories rear their ugly heads every so often. If it’s not the Mayans, it’s pesky Nostradamus and his quatrains… or it’s those poindexters at CERN and their tinkering with sub-atomic particles… or it’s God with his impending Rapture… and so on.

This particular prophecy is brought to us by someone with a broken calculator and a noggin full of nonsense.

The Mayans used different units – called b’ak’tun – but they had cycles roughly equivalent to a month, a year, etc. When one b’ak’tun ended, another one started, in the same way that one calendar year ends on 31st December and a new one commences on 1st January. So when our current b’ak’tun ends on 21st December, we’ll just start a new one. Simple.

I won’t even mention that the doomsday theory isn’t adjusted for leap years.

So, given that we’ll all be here, doing much the same thing as we’re doing just now – I’ll be churning out another half-baked blog with a number of lazy puns crowbarred into rambling, incoherent sentences, and you’ll be there, not reading it – why not take time to consider making serious contingencies for the future?

It makes perfect sense to take care of yourself and your family now by making sure you have a Will, healthcare directives, guardians for your children, and powers of attorney. Get your affairs in order – there’s never been a better time, unless you’re a Mayan 

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