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Another Car Accident, Again?!

Life is full of tragic events, whether we want them to take place or not, which result in unintended consequences. I know it’s a bitch isn’t it, get over it. Take for example ‘Car Accidents’. We have all experienced a car accident to some effect or even seen one or even come across one in the newspaper, if not then put down that Xbox pad and get a life!

Car Accident Blog                                                     I had never perceived an accident take place ever, after watching all sorts of action movies with their explosions and frantic chases, like any other youngster, I always imagined how intoxicating it would be to witness something resembling one of the action-packed scenes of a high profile movie like ‘Bad Boys’ - which I’m guessing everyone has seen - to happen, “how wrong was I!”.

After reading this I’m sure you will be giving of the same reaction as me, within the UK alone 40,000 serious road accidents take place every year! In which approximately 3,200 – 3,500 people are killed, with about 30,000 – 35,000 seriously injured, Come Again!...Are you serious?...      

What could the reason be?

Yea, that’s right we have all been there before, now you know why your insurance is so damn high! If not then you’re bound to crossroads with one sooner or later. One out of every four people will be in a car accident in their life in which, sorry to be the one to break it to you, 1 out of every 140 people result in death! Still thinking about speeding?... Driving while your completely wasted?... Didn’t think so…

Car Accident Compensation

It was just last summer when I was out camping, when we all left the site to head for home at around 9 am. We were at the bus stop anxiously sitting on the wall above the beach, still half asleep and unaware of what we had planned for the rest of the day, well I was reminiscing on how such a bad idea that night was, probably because I didn’t have my sleeping bag with me. I can remember gazing across the water watching the swans stalking there breakfast I’m guessing, when I heard this women cry ‘oh god’. As I turned my attention to her, I can recall the car plummeting from the corner of my eye over the edge of the road on to the beach. We ran to their aid, disturbing as that was the outcome of the driver and passenger was even worse, it was unbearable to look at.

Environmental factors can play a huge role in causing car accidents, but in most cases, well always it’s the drivers fault. If it wasn’t for us being such careless idiots we would prevent any fatal accidents, well most of them. The most logical tip for any driver is to be mindful of road rules, therefore obey the law! Could it be any easier? They are there for a reason! I’m not saying that it would eradicate accidents completely, but accidents may not transpire as frequently.

Car Accident Compensation

Do You Want To Be To Blame?!  

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