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Thompsons Solicitors Scotland proudly supports the "What if You’re Right?" campaign, a pivotal initiative launched by Child Protection Committees Scotland and Barnardo’s Scotland. This campaign urgently calls upon the public to heighten their vigilance— to look closer, listen more intently, and actively notice the signs that a child might be suffering sexual abuse, and to take immediate action if such suspicions arise.

As a firm deeply committed to the pursuit of justice, especially for the most vulnerable in our society, we recognise the paramount importance of such campaigns in shedding light on the often hidden and distressing reality of child sexual abuse. Our specialist team of lawyers, dedicated exclusively to handling cases of historical abuse, brings years of expertise to the forefront of this cause, underscoring our unwavering commitment to supporting survivors and advocating for their rights.

The campaign's message is clear and urgent: it impels each one of us to trust our instincts and act upon them, emphasising that our proactive steps can significantly alter the course of a child's life for the better. In too many instances, signs of abuse go unnoticed or unreported, leading to prolonged suffering for the victims. "What if You’re Right?" serves as a powerful reminder that our actions, however small they might seem, can have a profound impact on uncovering and stopping abuse.

At Thompsons Solicitors Scotland, we not only support this campaign but are also actively engaged in offering legal assistance and support to survivors of such abuse. Our experience has shown us the critical need for awareness, education, and a collective effort in tackling this issue. Through our work, we strive to ensure that survivors find a voice and the justice they rightly deserve, and we view the "What if You’re Right?" campaign as an essential part of this ongoing battle against child sexual abuse.

We urge everyone to heed the call of this campaign: to look, listen, and act. By doing so, we contribute to a safer environment for our children, one in which they can grow and thrive free from the fear of abuse. For those in need of legal support or guidance, Thompsons Solicitors Scotland remains committed in our dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate services for survivors of historical abuse.

Further information on 'What if You’re Right?' Campaign can be found here : Public urged to look, listen and act on signs of child sexual abuse | Dunfermline Press

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