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It has been reported that techniques used to prevent workers deaths throughout the Olympic build could be rolled out to improve safety on other construction projects.

During the Olympic build health and safety was at the forefront. This resulted in there being no fatalities during the construction of the games, which is exceptional. The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has stated that construction companies can learn from at least five areas of the Olympic build project and could use the techniques adopted in those projects to reduce the number of accidents and ill health in their workforce generally. 

Researches looking into the build found that workers welcomed feedback and liked the fact that site managers listened to any concerns they had and acted upon them when possible.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health director of policy highlighted that 50 people lost their lives and there were 2,298 reported significant injuries in the construction sector last year. He encouraged managers of construction companies of all sizes to implement where possible the principles used in the Olympic build in their own health and safety policies.

The outcome of the study highlighted five main areas, which could be used by construction companies these were:

  1. Lead from the top
  2. Build up a team of competent supervisors
  3. Promote an open and positive culture of safety
  4. Reward good behaviour
  5. Constantly review any problems and learn from them.
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