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Did anyone see the Youtube video about a Health and Safety Demonstration that went wrong?  Mrs Thom brought it to my attention and we have been having a chuckle about it.  I know that Health and Safety is not a laughing matter but this video was very funny.  Luckily the person involved did not appear to injure himself.

Paul Cavanagh was a Health and Safety instructor at Morrison Facilities Services, a company who works on behalf of the Gateshead Housing Company to manage properties for the local council.  He was giving a simple demonstration to a group of employees but unfortunately it was a comedy of errors and someone posted the clip on Youtube and it received more than 20,000 hits before it was removed.  Mr Cavanagh has also been suspended for failing to follow his own company’s health and safety rules!

He got off to a bad start when he attempted to climb a ladder without wearing a hard hat – a colleague threw his hat up to him.  He was attached to the ladder with a safety harness and attempted to demonstrate that he could not fall whilst wearing a safety harness.  After a successful demonstration he then tries to find his footing but as he failed to secure the ladder to the wall, it starts to slide to the side.  Mr Cavanagh is seen clinging to the ladder before it crashes over a garden fence and hits the ground causing him to land next to a pile of toys.

I hope the employees receive better training soon!


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