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Mrs Thom reassures me that when David Cameron vowed to stamp out the Health & Safety monster he wasn’t talking about me. He was however unwittingly threatening to increase the likelihood of people like you and I suffering a personal injury at work. It’s astonishing to hear our current prime minister describe health and safety legislation as a Monster. It seems that the coalition government are intent on chipping away at the very laws that have been instituted to protect people while at work.

To describe Health and Safety as a Monster is a rather unfortunate thing for our current prime minister to be saying. Especially given that we are a member of state of the European Union who initiate these laws that we are bound to transpose by virtue of our membership of the EU. He also uses that other unfortunate term associated with the work my colleagues at Thompsons do and that is “compensation culture”. There is no such thing as a compensation culture; there has been no increase in injury compensation claims at work. The very laws at the prime minister is seeking to attack will have no impact on the whiplash claims also being kicked about like a political football by the coalition government.

These proposals by Mr Cameron will have a knock on effect for any personal injury claims in the future. It means that should the government water down or try to remove some of the health and safety legislation, any claimant bringing an injury compensation claim would not be afforded the same protection as they currently do.

Mr Cameron’s declaration to “kill off the health and safety culture for good” has significant ramifications for employees up and down the country who may suffer a personal injury at work. 

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