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Chocolate, Alcohol, crisps: what are you giving up for lent? In his annual Lenten message the pope writes about indifference and advised that people should give this up for lent. We therefore, invite all employers to give up indifference of Health and Safety for the following 40 days.

Just last month Kilmarnock Sheriff Court fined Clydeport Operations Limited for their indifference to Health and Safety. On this occasion the indifference led to the tragic death of a 22 year old man.

Health & SafetyThe HSE Inspector reported “This tragic loss of a young life came about due to Clydeport Operations Limited’s continued failure to deal with a problem with the cab sticking on an unloader crane at the terminal jetty at Hunterston Coal Terminal.  The company repeatedly put their maintenance engineers at risk when they had to retrieve the crane cab when it stuck out on the boom of the crane. The lack of risk assessment for retrieving the cab when it was stuck led to an ad hoc, unsafe system of work being developed which continued for approximately 8 months up until the time of Mr Logan’s death”

This is sadly just one in a long list of incidents where an employee has lost their life, and families lose their loved one as a result of an employer’s repeated and systemic indifference to Health and Safety. Employers time and again neglect to put into place proper working procedures, risk assessments, and implement safe systems of work.

We work daily with clients who have been seriously affected and whose lives and the lives of their families are ruined as a result of poor Health and Safety. In most cases failure to comply with Health and Safety leads to broken bones and time off work but all too often the consequences are catastrophic, life changing, or life ending.

We will be keeping track over the next 40 days of all the accidents and people who are injured as a result of their employers’ indifference. We sincerely hope that the tally is zero and that employers will take the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of their employees seriously. Hopefully indifference will go out the window and proper Health and Safety will become second nature. The benefits extend well beyond employee welfare and hopefully employers will come to realise this, just as others realise they don’t really need that lunchtime Kit Kat.  

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