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A paper making company in Fife has been fined £260,000 after a worker fell through a roof and sustained fatal injuries. Thomas Sturrock was cleaning the roof when it collapsed and he fell through landing on the concrete floor. Tragically Thomas Sturrock suffered fatal injuries  when he landed on the concrete floor.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the accident and found that the paper making company, Tulluis Russell Papermaker Limited, whose roof was being cleaned, had not made sure that the cleaning work on the roof was properly planned and organised. Tulluis Russell Papermaker Limited did not make sure that the work being carried out on the roof was being done in the manner, which they told it would be despite internal company procedures stating that the work being carried out should be checked daily. The contractors carrying out the cleaning work stated that crawling boards would be used on the roof. Crawling boards were not used and had they been the accident may have been avoided.  

The Health and Safety Executive are considering a case against the company contracted to do the cleaning work.

This case again highlights the dangers of working at height and the importance of ensuring all work carried out is done safely. 

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