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I was amazed that it was this week revealed that the UK Government have cited the views of an ‘expert’ who has never met a victim of asbestos related disease, as a reason for delaying their decision on whether pleural plaques sufferers are due compensation in England.

Thanks to a successful campaign by Thompsons, together with trade unions and asbestos charities, the Damages (Asbestos Related Conditions) (Scotland) Act 2009 was passed.  This change in the law meant that victims of pleural plaques in Scotland can pursue compensation for their condition provided they contracted their disease while working for a Scottish company.

I am sad to say that if you live down south the same rights do not exist.

The document relied on, Professor Robert Maynard’s report ‘Medical Aspects of Pleural Plaques’ to support the English point of view has been revealed to be “at best dubious” given that Professor Maynard has no experience in the field of Pleural Plaques!

Jane Howie of the Bradford Asbestos Victim Support Group commented:

“It happens time and time again that professors pretend to know what they are talking about and end up defending the indefensible”

The rights of asbestos victims to compensation is an area I feel very strongly about and I hope our campaigning friends down south get the right result soon.



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