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Hannah BennettMany people think Asbestos related risks are a thing of the past and effect only labourers who worked with Asbestos when it was widely used pre-war. The reality however is very different and asbestos exposure and the risks related to this continue to be an issue that affects everyone in society including the Royals and leaders of our country!

A recent report identified that the Palace of Westminster is in a state of disrepair and is in fact full of asbestos. The Palace of Westminster is 150 years old and it is thought that many of the electrics are pre-war. 

It has been reported that the House of Commons Commission has been assessing plans to carry out refurbishments of the palace. If refurbishments were carried out this may result in Parliament having to sit elsewhere. The Commission is due to publish a report looking into the various refurbishment plans this week and is expected to make a number of recommendations. These are expected to include proposals for a long-term refurbishment plan with minimal disruption to the palace’s business, a partial refurbishment plan with MPs or Lords moving out for a time and a total refurbishment plan with everyone moving out.

What must be seriously considered are the health and safety issues surrounding the refurbishment and the operations involving the removal of asbestos. With figures suggesting 20 tradesmen in the UK a week, die from Asbestos related diseases. It brings it home to all of, including the Royal family, how important the regulations for removal of asbestos are.  

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