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We were struck by Alex Lewis’ search for a suitable prosthetic on the NHS. Loss of a limb is a life altering injury and one which is extremely difficult to come to terms with. Most amputees are extremely positive and determined to get back to doing the things they have always done. The awe-inspiring determination of those people deserves to be supported by the proper hardware.

Prosthetics have advanced at a staggering rate in the last 10 years. The fields of biology, computer science and engineering have come together and made radical progress in a short space of time. Prosthetics can now be made to a person’s exact specifications. They can be printed from a 3d printer and are controlled by microchips and computers. They can contain joints which adapt to movement and are becoming more and more like a real limb.

The technology to minimise the impact of an amputation on someone’s life is more readily available than ever and is constantly improving. However as the complexity of the prosthetics increases so does the price. The cost of prosthetics over a life time can be in the six figures.

Whilst the NHS does its best it simply can not afford many of the cutting edge prosthetics which can make such a difference to people like Alex.

For those who lose a limb as a result of someone else’s negligence, for example a road traffic accident or an accident caused by an employer’s breach of duty then the law provides that the wrongdoer should , as far as possible, put the injured party in the position he was in prior to the accident. The best lawyer in the world can not give someone a new leg. However, a good lawyer can obtain the compensation to ensure that the injured party is provided with those prosthetics not available on the NHS.

We are proud to have been a part of this process for many clients and delighted to have been able to assist them in obtaining the prosthetics suitable for them. We admire the never ending optimism of Alex and people like him and are proud to help them whenever we can.

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