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For someone who is suffering from injuries caused by an accident that wasn’t their fault, making a claim for compensation can seem daunting.  Questions such as “where do I even start?” spring to mind.  

In this blog we explain the process of making a claim for compensation in Scotland, designed to assist those who are totally new to the claim process.  While this is a general guide, it is not designed to be legal advice.  For advice tailored to your particular case, you should contact us as soon as possible.   

Iain CorbettContacting us

We can be contacted in many different ways.  We can be reached by telephone, text message, post and live web chat.  Our website also has a facility where you can request a call back from a member of the team.  

The first person you will speak to will be a member of our dedicated New Cases Team, based in our Glasgow office.  They will take a note of all of the relevant details and pass this to one of our specialist solicitors who will give an opinion on whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation.  

We will then contact you and advise you if we will be able to help.  If we are unable to help, or we don’t think the claim will be successful, we will tell you this at the outset.  

Establishing Liability

Once we have all the details of your case, we write to the person or company you believe is to blame for your accident.  In most cases, an insurance company or a firm of solicitors represents the person or company.  These representatives need time to investigate the circumstances of the claim, and when they have done this, they will advise whether or not they will be accepting liability for the injuries caused to you as a result of the accident.  

If liability is denied by the other side, we will assess all of the evidence in your claim, and provide you with advice on the prospects of success if your claim was to be raised in court.  

If liability is accepted, we then proceed with your claim.

Medical Evidence

Expert medical evidence is essential in personal injury claims.  The role of expert medical evidence is, firstly, to establish the extent of your injuries and, secondly, to prove that these injuries were caused by the accident.  

This usually involves an appointment with a doctor who will examine you and prepare a report on your injuries for the purposes of the claim.

At this stage of the process we also recover any other relevant documents such as your wages records, if you have lost wages because you have been absent from work as a result of the accident. 

Valuation, Negotiation and Settlement

When we have all the relevant information, we will value your case.  The value we put on your case will be based on values courts have previously put on similar cases. We will also take into account any circumstances unique to your case.  

We then submit our valuation to the insurers or solicitors on the other side, and negotiate the value of your claim with them.  At this stage, where liability has been admitted, we would expect an offer of money to be forthcoming to you.  We would give you full advice on such an offer and, if you should instruct us to, accept it on your behalf.

If the offer is too low and is not accepted, we will assess all of the evidence in your case and give you advice on prospects of getting more compensation if your claim was raised in court.  

At each stage of the process a member of our team will be on hand to guide you.  We are specialist solicitors who only ever act for injured people and we are here to help you get the maximum amount of compensation possible.   

Blog by Iain Corbett

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