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Victoria Aquino, SolicitorThe daughter of formal Scotland football internationalist, Colin Hendry,  is supporting a campaign launched by the Mail on Sunday newspaper to ‘Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys’.

In 2009 Denise Hendry, the wife of footballer Colin, died following botched liposuction surgery.  The surgeon punctured her bowel nine times during the surgery which took place in 2002.  In the days following the operation she suffered a heart attack, multiple organ failure and blood poisoning as the toxic contents of her digestive system spilled into surrounding tissue. 

After fighting for her life in a coma, she miraculously survived.  However over the next seven years she required extensive corrective surgery and ultimately required an ileostomy.  An ileostomy is a surgical opening constructed by bringing the end or loop of the small intestine (the ileum) out onto the surface of the skin. Intestinal waste passes out of the ileostomy and is collected in an external pouching system stuck to the skin.

Sadly Denise was only 42 years old when her body finally gave up and she passed away.

Since 2002 plastic surgery has become a lot more common and is not something which is only attainable by the rich and famous.  It is more widely available and sadly this means that there are more and more reports of ‘botched cosmetic surgery’ in the press.  The industry is still hugely undereducated but there is a consultation paper going through parliament at the moment which could improve matters.

You can read more about the Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys campaign and Rheagen Hendry’s story here.  

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