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If you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and believe that the condition was caused by exposure to vibrating tools or machinery in the workplace, you may be interested to learn that Thompsons Solicitors has helped a gardener from Glasgow secure a significant settlement in respect of carpal tunnel syndrome compensation for the damage he received as a result of using vibrating tools during the course of his job.

The £15,000 settlement, which was negotiated out of court, is thought to be the first ever to provide compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome only; as such it could herald the opening of the door to other, similar claims. This means that if you have the tingling, weakness and aches and pains typical to carpal tunnel syndrome, it may be worth investigating your right to compensation.

"The payout is for carpal tunnel syndrome only, it is a landmark settlement decision in as much as we have had insurers and local authorities vigorously defending claims from workers who have been using hand-held vibrating tools and who claim their CTS has been caused by that work," commented Bruce Shields, the solicitor who represented the claim for Thompsons' Glasgow office.

"I was acting for this man, he is a gardener who used innocuous sounding tools which perhaps people wouldn't associate with such conditions, like leaf blowers," Bruce continued. "We have had experts test these things and even this tool gives off a surprisingly significant amount of vibration, enough to give rise to the risk of injury.

"He was just a typical horticultural gardener who used lawnmowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, leaf blowers. He worked in the council parks department so occasionally he would use still saws to cut up concrete paving or a concrete breaker just to get foundations in for setting down benches in parks. He had been working for the council for 15-odd years."

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the wrist that is comprised of small bones, median nerve and sinewy tissue; it plays an important role in finger function. Carpal tunnel syndrome typically develops as a result of compression of the median nerve.

Increasingly, science is revealing that the symptoms of the condition are not restricted to the wrist and surrounding areas; a recent US study found a link between carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines, with the incidence of migraines 2.6 times higher in people with CTS.

For information and advice about claiming compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome with Thompsons, the leading personal injury firm in Scotland, click here.

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