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Victoria AquinoIt has been reported that the NHS has paid out over £1 million compensation since 2009 to men who have had the wrong testicle removed by surgeons.

According to the National Health Service Litigation Authority there have been over 56 successful claims made by men who have been affected. Allegedly the NHS will normally pay out approximately £20,000 in compensation if the wrong testicle has been removed.  In the vast majority of cases the men didn’t need any further surgery but in some cases the second testicle also required to be removed.

Despite the total compensation bill seeming huge, £20,000 does not seem like a lot of money for individual concerned.  If the man has been left infertile the compensation award can reach £70,000.

Common mistakes include misdiagnosis by doctors of testicular torsion, and errors made during complicated hernia operations. The most common reason for compensation claims is when doctors misdiagnose testicular torsion — where the tubes inside the body get twisted, cutting off the blood supply.

Other claims result from hernia operations where the blood supply to the testicle is accidentally cut off.


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