Every year I speak to many people who are injured due to falls on buses.  A bus does not drive like a car and its jerky braking and accelerating can make it a hazard for those onboard, especially those standing or still to take their seats.

Many passengers a year are injured from falls on buses and come to me to help them claim compensation and gain redress.

A running theme seems to be that some drivers are not aware of how unsteady and unsettling it can be for their passengers unless they drive smoothly.

While most drivers are competent and professional, the case of Brian Larred illustrates the opposite end of the scale and the type of driver that is an accident waiting to happen.

Mr Larred was jailed for driving like a lunatic, on a Manchester to Aberdeen bus, while his passengers pleaded with him to stop.

He chased a car for 8 miles as he believed the driver of the car had failed to give way to him.

Fortunately none of his passengers suffered serious injury but many were left in a state of sever shock and may be pursuing criminal injuries compensation.

This was the second time Larred had appeared in court for road rage.

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