Compensation Claims

Product liability claims cover a range of situations where an individual has been injured due to a fault in a device. The scope of these claims is wide and can involve everyday objects such as e-cigarettes, toasters, cleaning products or medical devices. In a world of global trade the same products can be sold in many countries but, if injuries are suffered by those using the product, the legal action which can be taken and the sums of compensation likely to be awarded vary.

Ryanair plane

Are you one of the fifty thousand passengers let down by Ryanair today?  Ryanair has cancelled 400 flights across Europe as a result of pilot strikes.  Flights from Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands have all been affected.  Many passengers were not warned in advance.  Some passengers travelling for special occasions such as weddings and important family events have arrived at the airport to find that they are not going to be able to attend the event.

In May 2018, Thompsons Solicitors expanded their practice into the North East of Scotland and opened an office in Scotland’s fourth largest city, Dundee! This was an exciting move for the firm to add to their current office in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galashiels and Peebles.

Over the next few months thousands of us will be taking that airport selfie with our passport in one hand and pint in the other before we jet off somewhere exciting, exotic, or relaxing.  Unfortunately thousands of us will also be left abandoned at airports due to delayed or cancelled flights. Airports are exciting for an hour or two at a push as you await your departure. Any longer and they become a cramped, overpriced, over crowded, hell on earth.

The basis of any personal injury claim is the law of delict. This is a concept whereby an injured party should be restored to the position they would have been in but for the accident or harm which has occurred to them. Unfortunately, in a time of significant media attention surrounds the existence of a ‘compensation culture’ arising due to the actions of ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers, the original harm appears to have been forgotten.

New shorts bought, sun glasses packed, requests from friends for duty free presents noted- You are all set for that summer holiday you’ve been looking forward to all year. Full systems ahead for some well-deserved R&R… unless you are flying with Ryanair.

I attended a public meeting this morning, hosted by the West Fife Villages Forum, at the High Valleyfield Community Centre.  

In April 2017, villages in West Fife were shrouded in thick dust clouds, coming from the industrial waste in the Low Valleyfield ash lagoons.  These massive lagoons contain millions of tonnes of ash slurry created as waste product from Longannet Power Station, which closed in April 2016.  

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