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Borders cycling accident claims

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If you have sustained injury, while cycling, in an incident at least in part attributable to the actions of another road user or if you have sustained your injury as a result of road disrepair affecting your ability to ride safely, it may be possible to instruct Thompsons accident lawyers in the Borders, providing the incident occurred within the past three years.

We are Scotland's leading personal injury firm and have offices throughout the country, including one in Peebles and one in Galashiels.

Breaking your claim down

The majority of any compensation awarded as a result of your cycling accident claim is likely to be accounted for by General Damages and Special Damages. General Damages are awarded for the physical and psychological pain caused by your injury, as well as for any restrictions or limitations the injury has placed on you to carry out your normal life, including in your domestic and leisure life.

Special Damages are comprised of your financial losses. These may include such things as the cost of medical treatment and care, damage to your bicycle, lost earnings and any particular adaptations you have had to make because of your injuries.

Supporting your claim

There are many documents and witness statements you will need in order to fully support your claim. Thompsons accident lawyers in the Borders can help you ensure your claim is supported with receipts, photographs, estimates, along with accurate and persuasive lost earnings calculations.

We can also help you ensure your claim is based on all available witness statements as well as the best possible accident reconstruction techniques.


Where liability is admitted at an early stage, proceeding with the claim should be relatively straightforward. However, where liability is contested it is essential to obtain police reports, to contact all possible witnesses for statements, and to carefully consider all other evidence, including vehicle damage documents.

No win, no fee accident lawyers in the Borders

If you have suffered injury and financial loss as a result of a cycling accident caused by another party, it is reasonable that you are worried about the potential cost of making a claim.

However, the accident lawyers at Thompsons' Borders offices work to ensure maximum compensation under a no win, no fee agreement. This means that unless your case is successful, you will be immune from any expense at all – we guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

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