Cycling Accident Claims Dundee

In many ways Dundee is ideal for cycling. Although its hilly north/south terrain will keep you sweating enough to make you fit, its east/west terrain is flat enough for a pleasant and leisurely cycle.

However, the city's cycling infrastructure still has considerable room for improvement. For example, despite investment in lowered kerbs and footways, enhanced pedestrian access and dedicated cycling lanes, accidents remain a cause for concern.

Cyclists remain vulnerable to shortcomings both in infrastructure and in the awareness of other road users around them. For example, according to Transport Scotland there were 729 pedal cycle casualties in Scotland in 2017 (8% less than 2016); this includes 5 fatalities (3 less than 2016).*

Cycling compensation in Dundee

If you or someone close to you has sustained personal injury in a cycling accident in Tayside, you can speak with Thompsons cycling accident claims team in Dundee about the possibility of claiming compensation for the following:

  • Pain and injury
  • Lost earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of specialist equipment
  • The help provided to you by your family

Our No Win, No Fee funding model is there to protect you and your right to access justice. In short, unless you win your case, you pay nothing at all and therefore incur no financial risk. Speak with our cycling accident claims team in Dundee today for more information.

Claims for all Cycling Injuries

The Thompsons Solicitors office in Dundee is situated in the city centre, Whitehall Crescent, close to St. Mary's Church. Our cycling accident claims team use their knowledge, insight and experience to help you secure the settlement to which you are entitled.

Common cycling accidents in towns and cities include incidents in traffic and at roundabouts, but there a number of different risk factors. Thompsons solicitors can help you with claims for all of the following types of injury:

  • Spinal injury claims
  • Amputation claims
  • Head and brain injury claims
  • Injured limb claims
  • Fracture and broken bone claims
  • Injured finger claims
  • Public transport cycling accident claims

Despite the efforts of cyclists and road safety campaigners, cyclists remain 15 times more likely to be killed on the roads than the drivers of cars. If someone close to you has suffered fatal injuries as a cyclist, our fatal accident solicitors can help you through the difficult process of claiming compensation for the incident.

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