Claiming compensation for a cycle accident in Aberdeen.

Cycle Accidents

Aberdeen, like many other major Scottish cities, is keen to encourage cycling. If more people use their bikes in and around the city, it will help improve problems such as congestion and pollution.

While Aberdeen is not as popular with cyclists as many other major Scottish cities, (a Cycling Scotland report published in 2016 found that 4.2% of citizens in the Edinburgh use a bike as their main mode of transport, compared to less than 0.5% people in Aberdeen), the Aberdeen City Council is hoping to change that. The Council has put several measures in place to help improve the city's infrastructure so it better accommodates cyclists.

They have introduced education and awareness campaigns, encouraged employers to offer their staff incentives to cycle to work, and started providing cycling training sessions to both adults and children who are unsure about travelling on two wheels. The city also hosted a Tour Series event in May 2017, further highlighting the joy of cycling to all age groups.

With more and more people being encouraged to use their bikes instead of cars, cyclist safety is a serious issue because, similar to all big cities, cycling accidents in Aberdeen are a significant problem.

More cyclists mean more cycling accidents in Aberdeen

Unfortunately, the rise in popularity of cycling has meant a rise in the number of cycling accidents, and, sadly, these incidents more often than not involve cars and lorries which means the injuries to cyclists can be catastrophic.

If you've sustained an injury in an accident that was, at least in part, due to the actions or another party, then you should not be left to cope with the effects of your injury without receiving compensation.

As one of Scotland's largest personal injury firms, Thompsons Solicitors has offices in Aberdeen and across the country. Our personal injury solicitors will be able to provide you with expert legal help and guidance so that you can make a cycling injury compensation claim in Aberdeen with confidence.

At Thompsons, our personal injury solicitors will approach each case with the utmost sensitivity and understanding and we hope that by helping you claim the compensation you deserve – which can include compensation for the amount of suffering you've endured as well as any financial loss you may have sustained as a result of an incident – we'll help make your road to recovery a little bit easier.

No Win No Fee advice and guidance from award-winning solicitors

We also believe that you should never be deterred from making a claim because you're concerned you won't be able to afford the legal costs. That's why our cycling accident injury solicitors in Aberdeen operate on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won't have to pay a penny.

If you have any other questions about the claims process, you can visit our cycling accident FAQ.

Or, if you or a loved one has sustained a cycling accident injury in Aberdeen (or elsewhere in Scotland) and feel you're ready to start a claim, call 0800 0891 331 today.

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