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“A court is only as sound as its jury, and a jury is only as sound as the men who make it up” (Harper Lee).  The Jury system lies at the heart of the Scottish court system and approximately 30% of us will serve as a juror at some point in our lives.  The idea is an ancient one,  that a person ought to be judged by their peers, by “the man on the bus”. That judgement shouldn’t come from an aristocrat or nobleman but from people in similar circumstances to the accused or pursuer. Further, whilst one person may be mistaken the judgement of the majority is less likely to be flawed. The ancient Romans and Greeks used juries and they still uphold justice in Scotland today and keep the legal system Safe and Sound. They are used in serious criminal cases and high value civil cases. Criminal cases have a jury of Fifteen and civil cases have a jury of 12 people.

Timebar.  It sounds dull and lawyerly.  And in many ways it is.  The legal theory goes that it is about making the law on claiming compensation fair.  Words like “equitable” are often used.  In short, the law holds that wrongdoers shouldn’t have the threat of compensation hanging over their heads for ever.  A victim should have a reasonable period of time to make a claim.  But, if they wait too long to enforce that right by bringing court proceedings forward, then the right is lost for ever.

L Plate

Since 1934 UK drivers have required to pass a test to ensure they were safe to be on Britain’s roads. The test has undergone many changes since its introduction. Not surprisingly as the first test was introduced there were very few cars on the road! The test has evolved to include a theory test and latterly a hazard perception element.

In the last decade, around 1 person per week has been killed as a direct result of agricultural work. More have been seriously injured or made ill. This is a staggering human cost for what is seen as an idyllic industry. Many have visions of farmers gently ploughing the fields or milking cows bringing food to our tables. Most people would associate the manufacturing industry with danger but in reality the farming and agriculture industry is one of the worst offenders when it comes to Health and Safety.

The Tories, Brexit and a new Prime Minister. What does the future hold for employment rights of UK workers?

We take a look at the three candidates left in the race for the next Tory Leader, and Prime Minister – Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May.

Turning to Mr Gove first:

A loyal Springer spaniel, a wild Yorkshire Terrier, a daft budgie or a cuddly kitten. These are what you would expect to find as pets. A Deadly Rattlesnake, a Herd of Wild Boar, a Pack of Wolves and an alligator are not within the usual stock at the pet store.

An FOI has revealed that councils throughout Scotland have issued licences for hundreds of wild animals to be kept in homes.  For a small fee, and having the “appropriate safety measures” you can have yourself a “Colin the Caiman Crocodile”, a “Berty the Bison”, or “a Mikey the Monkey”

In a recent speech, Home Secretary Theresa May claimed that Britain “should leave… the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the jurisdiction of its court”.

To give the comments their proper context, they were advanced in defence of Britain’s membership of the European Union; in particular, that calls for Brexit based on anti-human rights arguments were misplaced, as it is British membership of the Convention, not the Union, that leads to domestic courts being bound by supranational human rights jurisprudence.

“You must get power of attorney so everything is in your hands medically and financially. I cannot stress how important it is.” These are 65-year-old Margaret Quigley’s words of advice following her own experience.

Margaret & Dennis Quigley

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