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The long running dispute between janitors who are members of UNISON and Glasgow city council has taken a new turn. Previously jannies had gone on strike over the refusal of the council to pay extra money for duties that involved janitors cleaning up unpleasant items like vomit. But things have taken a new turn over plans to have a team of janitors flitting between various schools with no permanently based in any school. It’s called clustering.

Sir Andrew Barron Murray, OBE is Scotland’s greatest ever tennis player.  In 2013, Dunblane’s very own became the first Scottish tennis player since Harold Mahony in 1896 to win Wimbledon and has gone on to win it twice.  In fact, Andy Murray is probably Scotland’s greatest ever athlete, becoming World No 1 in men’s singles on 7 November 2016.  

Asbestos Danger

The first cases of asbestos related disease were noted going back to 1900.  The term “asbestosis” has been in use since 1927.  In 1930 a Government commissioned demonstrated the link between asbestosis and exposure to asbestos dust.  The dangers were such that legislation was introduced to control exposure to asbestos in the form of The Asbestos Industry Regulations 1931.

You may have read recently that your motor insurance premiums are going to soar as a result of the increase in the “discount rate”.  However, I imagine that unless you, or someone close to you, has been involved in a horrific accident and received an award for damages to fund future care costs, you will not be overly familiar with the term.

"What will it cost? For us to stay?  Something seriously needs done with Health & Safety”
“You want us not to leave?  Then you need to help us out with the red tape and the cost of workers compensation"
“Well, there is one way that the UK can be far more attractive than Europe - Lose workers’ rights”

It is the morning of 2017’s International Women’s Day, and, happily, I have already been reminded of that fact by news websites, radio features, an announcement at the top of my social media feed, and even the ‘doodle’ my internet search engine has chosen to display.

Today provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on what has been achieved, recognise what still has to be done, and stop and think about all those women in the UK and across the world suffering today, as a result of men’s violence against women.

Tragically, whether we are informed by local reports, social networking sites or national media, rarely a few days go by without news focused on a missing person. The reality is undeniably worse than our exposure with figures last year revealing Police across England, Scotland and Wales handle more than 1,000 missing person reports every day.

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