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Today is International Workers Memorial today and events will be taking place across Scotland and the world to mark the date. The memorial has been in existence since 1970 and was set up following the approval of the Occupational Safety and Health act by the United States Congress. The memorial has been marked across the British Isles since 1992 and formally adopted by the STUC in Scotland in 1993……. 6 years before the UK TUC and The Health and Safety Executive adopted the memorial.

Botox, dermal fillers, teeth whitening, hair-transplanting: the providers are regulated from this month, but are they regulated enough?

You may remember first becoming aware that places other than hospitals were offering “cosmetic” procedures: an advert for Botox in your local dental practice; hearing of someone’s image-altering treatment in an unfamiliar clinic; a friend displaying whitened teeth gained through treatment at a hairdressers?

A recent article in the Guardian featured a pilot scheme being rolled out by the Ministry of Justice in South Wales which aimed at weaning young offenders away from crime by, among other things, introducing them to Eminem lyrics. Two recurring themes in Eminem’s work are the difficulties he faced in his upbringing and the insights he since gained from those experiences. The hope of the project is that the wayward youngsters will identify with the lyrics and be motivated to make positive changes in their lives which will steer them away from future brushes with the law, presumably into careers as multi-platinum rap artists.

We were shocked to hear that a factory worker in Elgin endured a horrendous ordeal when he was involved in a workplace accident.

A man’s arm was trapped in a factory machine for over an hour while emergency crews tried to free him.  It is understood he became trapped while carrying out routine cleaning on one of the machines in the factory.  When he was eventually freed, he was taken to Dr Gray’s Hospital by ambulance.  

It should be noted that the following is no substitute for legal advice which is tailored to your own specific set of circumstances.  If you are faced with a private parking ticket you should contact a solicitor immediately. Also, the following DOES NOT apply to fines issued by government, police or local authorities – these are entirely different.  The following applies to private parking tickets, issued by landowners or parking companies.  

A mother is calling, for a second time, for a private inquest to be held in order to identify whether or not her daughter’s asthma was caused by London’s polluted air.  Ella Kissi-Debrah was just nine years old when she suffered a fatal asthma attack and died in February 2013.  Despite an initial inquest having been carried out, it only identified that Ella had died from acute respiratory failure, and not what the primary cause of the asthma was.

Spring has arrived and for many people, that means it’s an opportunity to get out of the country for a break during the school holidays. According to ABTA, an estimated two millions Britons will go abroad at Easter with a further six million planning an overnight stay within the UK.

On the eve of the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, signing the Article 50 letter – triggering the UK’s exit from the European Union - she visited Scotland. She met with Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Two powerful women, at the highest ranks of UK politics, making decisions which will change the course of our country’s history for generations to come.

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