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The Scottish Government commenced 2017 by announcing a public consultation on legislation designed to ensure that all Scottish public bodies have equal numbers of men and women in their non-executive membership.

As well as setting a 50:50 gender representation objective, the legislation implements a “Tie-Breaker Provision”. This means that when there are two or more equally qualified candidates the candidate of the under-represented sex must be appointed, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Since Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards ceremony in California, most of us will have heard talk of actress Meryl Streep’s speech, made as she accepted the award for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment”, in so far as this was less-than-subtly directed towards US President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Is it illegal to leave my car running to defrost whilst I grab a quick cuppa indoors? It takes a while for the ice melt. I don’t have to be inside the car whilst waiting do I?

The short answer is Yes – it is illegal. It is illegal to leave your engine running whilst the car is unattended. A driver must be in control of the vehicle at all times including whilst unloading shopping and de-icing.  

Millions of children across the UK will tonight breathe a sigh of relief as a last minute pay deal struck between Santa and the National Union of Elves has averted the threat of industrial action set to take place in the North Pole this Christmas Eve.

This isn’t quite what we envisage when we think about the festivities, is it?  However, despite Andy Williams claiming that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the most stressful and the most dangerous.  With the inevitable excitement and alcohol, it is really no wonder that we should be taking extra care over the Christmas period. 

Well. The trolls numbered in the single digit and it was entirely clear that none of them took the time to listen to the full exchange from start to finish; and the universal view of the hundreds of friends, colleagues and most importantly strangers who sent me message of support was that it was the Tories who tried to bash me who were left looking like fools.  Discourteous at best and bullies at worst.

With headlines in the Daily Mail asking for the Foreign Aid budget to be used to tackle the crisis in social care and the front page of the Times leading on “Parents call in lawyers over soaring care costs” social care for the elderly is firmly in the spotlight.

Whilst exploring this emotive issue, the Times article claims that couples would “rather die” than see their children pay excessive care home fees. A worrying assertion is made that people are putting in place Powers of Attorney in order to give their children the legal authority to make end of life decisions by withdrawing medical care.  

Tis the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? If nothing else, it’s certainly the most expensive time of the year.  It’s estimated that an average British family will spend over £800 on Christmas with nearly £500 to be spent on presents. Inevitably, that will lead to some faulty products being bought or unwanted. What rights do you have, then, if you buy or receive presents which are unwanted or at faulty?

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