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This will be the place to find all breaking news and updates from Thompsons and personal injury litigation in general.

Early this week Dundee Sheriff Court ruled that three nurses are required to pay more than £4000 in parking charges to a private car parking company, operating at Ninewells Hospital.

Indigo Park Services UK Ltd launched a civil action at Dundee Sheriff Court after claiming the nurses parked without valid tickets.

New shorts bought, sun glasses packed, requests from friends for duty free presents noted- You are all set for that summer holiday you’ve been looking forward to all year. Full systems ahead for some well-deserved R&R… unless you are flying with Ryanair.

August and September is the time when our children return to school. When parents send their kids off to school, they should not have to worry about the safety of travelling on a school bus. Unfortunately recent incidents have demonstrated that safety on school buses is a growing concern.

The new Thompsons staff Charity Committee was elected in June 2017 and were clear that they wanted as much staff involvement in the process of electing charities as possible.

In the past few weeks, there has been the sad news of two stunt people losing their lives whilst working on high profile television shows and movies. It has also been reported that Tom Cruise broke his ankle while working on the set of Mission Impossible 6.

Girls are “Babes” and boys are “Leaders” according to Clarks the shoe shop.

In the latest example of gender stereotyping when it comes to children’s clothing Clarks have excelled themselves.

Anyone who is currently enthralled with Game of Thrones knows Kings Landing is filled with skilled Warriors, Maesters, Cooks, Blacksmiths and Sorcerers.

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