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Myth of the Week

Whiplash it seems, above all other injuries, has become synonymous in the minds of the public with the law surrounding personal injury. Maybe it’s because it’s the injury we are most likely to encounter if we are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road accident or maybe it’s the prevalence of adverts depicting people with large white surgical collars smiling as they collect their compensation.

For someone who is suffering from injuries caused by an accident that wasn’t their fault, making a claim for compensation can seem daunting.  Questions such as “where do I even start?” spring to mind.  

In this blog we explain the process of making a claim for compensation in Scotland, designed to assist those who are totally new to the claim process.  While this is a general guide, it is not designed to be legal advice.  For advice tailored to your particular case, you should contact us as soon as possible.   

I was greatly saddened over the last two weeks to read of two separate instances of workplace fatalities in Aberdeen and Boddam.  The circumstances of these tragic accidents are not yet known, but it caused me to think about the extent to which employee safety is affected by the downturn in the local economy.    

This week Shona Geddes, Head of Thompsons private client team looks at myths regarding Wills and the reasons why people think they don’t need to make a Will in Scotland.

We often hear people saying "I’m not old enough to need a Will… I’ll get round to making a Will one day…I’m married, I don’t need a Will…"

In the run up to the Brexit referendum, the debate largely concerned issues of politics (sovereignty, immigration, etc) and economics (common market membership, Eurozone stagnation). There was very little, if any, mainstream discussion about the legal implications of withdrawal. If only people cared enough to ask the lawyers…

The legal implications are potentially huge. Over the past 40 years, the domestic legal code in the UK has evolved in step with (and often under the instruction of) Europe. After Brexit, legislative and judicial functions within the UK will be discharged entirely without the encumbrance of EU jurisprudence. It is no understatement to suggest that, for better or for worse, Brexit will be the single most far-reaching event in British constitutional law since the seventeenth century.

Now that we’re ticking into autumn and the nights are drawing in and you’re waking up to a cold, dark morning, aren’t we all pining to be back on holiday in some warm climate with sun all day every day? It’s perhaps the one thing that everyone looks forward to each year as you get a chance to get away from typical Scottish weather for a spell. What happens though if your holiday is ruined by contracting food poisoning on holiday?

Thompsons blogs on legal myths

Thompsons top legal team explain the reality behind many misunderstandings and untruths in the legal world.

The tragic 2nd June 2015 crash on Alton Towers’ ‘Smiler’ ride, which occurred when a carriage of passengers on the record-breaking rollercoaster collided with a stationary, empty carriage on the track ahead, has been prominent in today’s news. The reason: the theme park’s parent company, Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd, was this fined £5 million for the health and safety failures which led to the crash. Sixteen passengers were injured, with two female passengers requiring leg amputation, as a result.

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