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In a recent speech, Home Secretary Theresa May claimed that Britain “should leave… the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the jurisdiction of its court”.

To give the comments their proper context, they were advanced in defence of Britain’s membership of the European Union; in particular, that calls for Brexit based on anti-human rights arguments were misplaced, as it is British membership of the Convention, not the Union, that leads to domestic courts being bound by supranational human rights jurisprudence.

“You must get power of attorney so everything is in your hands medically and financially. I cannot stress how important it is.” These are 65-year-old Margaret Quigley’s words of advice following her own experience.

Margaret & Dennis Quigley

At around midday on Thursday 28 April 2016 a worker, working on the new Queensferry Crossing, was struck by the boom of a crane he was directing on the north tower deck. The worker suffered severe blood loss and was unable to be resuscitated.

Making the death even more poignant the 28 April 2016 was International Workers Memorial Day. International Workers Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world, the purpose of which has always been to "remember the dead: fight for the living".

Aching joints, sore hips, bad back. I am only 25! What is wrong with me? My Bed.  What should be a cosy, luxurious cloud has turned in to a crippling torture rack. My 1 year old mattress has turned bumpy and now looks more like the Pentland Hills than a smooth mattress.   No problem though eh? I bought the bed from Dreams, a fairly large chain so they will replace it?

Donald Trump has this week secured the Republican presidential nomination in all but the ritual net-curtain formalities, which will take place on 18 July when he is given the official backing of the party at their National Convention in Cleveland. His nearest challenger Ted Cruz—having witnessed his tentative bid whimper its way to an uninspiring anti-climax in New York a fortnight ago—finally did the humane thing and euthanised his campaign after Tuesday’s primary in Indiana. The remaining pretender, John Kasich (who everyone pretty much thought had left the race months ago anyway) soon followed suit. Trump now stands unopposed for the nomination, with only the eventual Democratic Party nominee standing between him and the White House.
This is concerning, not just for the US, but also for the UK too, particularly with the forthcoming European Union referendum too close to call.

Dear First Minister

I don’t know yet if I am writing to Nicola, Kezia or even Ruth although lets be honest the chances of that rank alongside the prospects of Leicester City winning the English premiership…

Willie, no offence but I can’t really give you a mention with a straight face in this context.  

High Street Giant BHS went into administration on Monday putting 11,000 employees at risk of losing their jobs.  Retail Acquisitions lead by Dominic Chappell bought the 88 year old retail giant for £1 last March. The collapse is reportedly down to poor trading, mismanagement and poor return on property sales.

Qatar’s Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, has commended David Cameron’s stance on Employment Rights, citing the conservative government’s track record on issues such as tribunal fees and the Trade Union Bill as being the inspiration behind Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers building stadia for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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