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It was with depressing, unsurprising and complete and utter inevitability that I read the submission of the insurance industry to the Scottish Parliament in relation to the Bill to remove time bar for victims of historical abuse.  
I have blogged on the need for a change in the law in this area in the past (Justice delayed is Justice denied).  To describe the law on time bar as it applies to victims of historical abuse as an anachronism is simply too anodyne.  It downplays the extent to which the law completely fails the victims.  The law is wrong.  Plain and simple.  

A heterosexual couple from London who were seeking to have the law changed have today been told they are not allowed to enter into a civil partnership with one another.

The three court of appeal judges ruled two to one against allowing the couple to become civil partners. However, all three judges agreed that the discrimination against heterosexual couples by denying them the right to enter into civil partnerships, could not last indefinitely, as there was a potential human rights breach.

On 16th February 2013, a woman was killed after a speeding rally car veered off of the track in Inverness and landed on top of her.  Thereafter, 31st May 2014 saw three individuals killed as a result of another rally car careering off of the road towards a stage of spectators.  Now, some three to four years on, it has been announced that a joint fatal accident inquiry will be held, and is to begin on 17th July 2017 within the Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

See a penny pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck… but should you? What if it is a fiver? What if it is a gold watch? That would be better luck… Should you keep it? 

Whether you can legally keep an item depends whether the owner has abandoned it or lost it. To abandon it the owner must have the mental intent to cease ownership. If the gold watch falls off whilst walking down the street the intent to own remains and it is simply lost.

Last week may or may not have seen “National Sickie Day”, depending on which right-wing newspaper takes your fancy.

“National Sickie Day” is nominally the date of the year when workers in the UK are most likely to call in sick, although there is little consensus as to when the date there is: a google search pulls up various articles laying claim to dates throughout January and February; one even claims it’s the second Tuesday in December.

The last week in January saw another spate of accidents on the A9. It’s our main highway connecting the central belt with the north east and Highlands making it one the most important roads in Scotland. It also undeniably one of the most dangerous. Every year too many people lose their lives on this road and although new safety measures are reducing this, the numbers are still too high.

I am smarter than you! In the next 10 years we may see driverless cars become a reality. Technology has arguably advanced more in the last 2 decades in the automobile industry than anywhere else. Only a generation ago there was no power steering, no ABS, and only very basic traffic light systems.

Iain CorbettFollowing the serious road traffic accident involving a car and a bus on Aberdeen’s Union Street on 23 January 2017 and the collision between a bus and a van on North Deeside Road on 24 January 2017, we thought that many people might be unaware of their rights when they are involved in an accident as a passenger.  

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