The Most Flexible Personal Injury Referral Service Available To Scottish Solicitors

On Demand by Thompsons is the personal injury referral service which we created by listening to what Scottish solicitors have to say.

We are a wide and varied profession in Scotland.  No two firms are the same in terms of the service that they offer and no two business models are identical. 

In discussing matters with colleagues across the profession, one thing was clear to us – there are occasions where it is necessary to refer on personal injury cases involving your clients and you would be happy to do that if you could find a referral model that suited you rather than the firm seeking to receive the case.  All too often, it seems, solicitors who operate personal injury referral schemes take a “my way or the highway” approach to matters.

That is why On Demand by Thompsons was created.  It is a personal injury referral scheme where you determine when and how the cases are to be referred on as well as the financial terms of the referral agreement.  Perhaps most importantly, at the heart of the scheme is a respect of the fact that the client is yours and that will remain the case long after the personal injury case concludes.

On Demand by Thompsons is an entirely flexible referral scheme where you decide how often you use the service, the stage at which cases are to be referred to us and the terms of the financial arrangement.

The key benefit of On Demand by Thompsons is its flexibility.  It is the most flexible personal injury referral service available to Scottish solicitors.  No two businesses are alike and one size certainly does not fit all.  You decide the terms of our agreement and we provide your clients with a first class service with systems that not only guarantee that the client will return to you but we will also positively cross sell your services to your client.  For more information, click on the links below:

•    Examples of referral fee arrangements
•    When do I transfer the case?
•    How we update you
•    Communicating with your client
•    Selling your services and ensuring the client returns to you at the end of the process
•    Section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013
•    General guidance without transferring the case to us

For information, call Syd Smith on his direct dial 0141 566 6971  to chat through how On Demand, the most flexible personal injury referral service available to Scottish solicitors, can help your business.

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