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Prelitigation Supervisor

About Donna

Donna oversees the paralegals in the pre-litigation team, together with dealing with her own caseload. The team fully investigates claims for clients who have been exposed to asbestos and consequently develop asbestos conditions through no fault of their own. The investigations are forensic as exposure typically occurs many decades beforehand.


Having joined Thompsons in March 2007 as a paralegal in the pre-litigation department, in November 2009, Donna became supervisor of the department.

Having a family member who worked with asbestos in the late 1960s gives Donna a unique viewpoint on the very real dangers of exposure and the worries which many people have when they or their loved ones have been exposed.

Donna feels that her work is extremely rewarding and she enjoys being able to assist clients in obtaining asbestos claim compensation for the wrongdoing of employers who were negligent. She feels satisfied in getting justice for the clients and their families who have suffered through no fault of their own. Here is Donna speaking about why her work at Thompsons is so important to her.

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Telephone number: 0141 221 8840


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