Supermarket accident leaves toddler with fractured femur

An ordinary family trip to Tesco turned into a two night stay in hospital for 2 year old Luca Eardley.

When visiting his local store with his parents, Luca spotted a children’s picnic table in the seasonal aisle which sparked his interest. His mother, Gemma allowed him to take a seat, but when he tried to stand up again, he caught his leg in the lip of the table, causing him to fall to the ground.

Laura ConnorWhen Luca didn’t bounce straight back up like he usually would, his parents knew something wasn’t right. They headed straight to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured femur. He had to be placed in a spica cast under general anaesthetic, which was removed after 6 weeks. As Gemma was forced to take time off work to care for Luca, she didn’t receive her usual overtime, so suffered financially. Luca had to attend multiple appointments at hospital following the removal of the cast.

As Gemma was a member of a Union she turned to them for help and assistance knowing that it was not only herself that had access to legal assistance but her family also.  Gemma was put in touch with Thompsons Solicitors specialists in personal injury claims.

The solicitor handling Luca’s case, Laura Connor investigated the accident and found that an unsuitable play mat placed underneath the table was the cause. She submitted a claim to Tesco and secured an early admission of liability. After rejecting the initial offer of £1,500, which both Gemma and Laura agreed was too low; an offer of £6,200 was accepted.  

“I’m delighted that we managed to secure Luca compensation of more than four times the initial offer.  Trade union members should be reminded that their family can also benefit from the legal services on offer”, said Laura Connor.

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