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At Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland we have decades of experience helping people who have been seriously injured; enabling them to claim the compensation they deserve. We understand that the devastating financial and emotional impact of a serious spinal cord injury is not just confined to the injured individual but extends to their family, friends and wider community.

We can't change this, but we can help injured parties, and their loved ones, manage the fallout by ensuring they receive compensation for pain, suffering, financial losses and expenses such as care, medical treatment and spinal injury rehabilitation.

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The cost of spinal injury

According to research published by Spinal Research, a UK charity, based on 2016 pricing, the average lifetime cost of a serious spinal injury is £1.12 million. Furthermore, the researchers estimated that serious spinal injuries cost the public purse around £1.43 billion a year.

Of course, every injured person's situation and needs will be different. However, one thing is certain, the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term home and residential care, can quickly mount up, meaning that is essential for any person affected by a serious spinal injury to take legal advice regarding their possible entitlement to compensation.

Compensation for now and going forward

Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland are committed to ensuring that claimants receive compensation for their past, present and future losses and needs.

As such, we instruct experts to help calculate the costs burden of every aspect of your post-accident existence. This includes determining likely sums for the following:

  • Specialised equipment: for example, wheelchairs and hoists.
  • Home modifications: for example, ramps and enlarged doorways.
  • Transport costs: for example, specialised vehicles or taxi costs.
  • Domestic help: for example, cleaning, cooking and other day-to-day care.

Future medical risks

Spinal injuries do not always follow a lineal or predictable progression of improvement or deterioration. This is why it may be important to secure initial settlement for known injuries while at the same time reserving the right to make a claim at a future date for any worsening or complication related to your spinal injury.

For example, if you initially suffer from paraplegia but later develop a more serious tetraplegia spinal injury, you will need to ensure that you have enough money to meet your needs as they develop. This is why we may reserve the right to return to court to make a claim for worsened symptoms arising from the initial injury.

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Thompsons, solicitors for serious spinal injuries

Thompsons Solicitors work to ensure that all aspects of your needs are accounted for in your compensation settlement. In many cases we are able to do this without going to court. However, whenever necessary, we are prepared to take your claim to the courts and to litigate robustly on your behalf.

For more information about how Thompsons can help you and for details of our No Win, No Fee agreement, contact us today.



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