Fatal and serious injury claims in the Borders

If you live in Scotland's Borders area and have suffered a serious injury or are looking to claim compensation for someone close to you who has suffered a fatal or catastrophic life-changing injury, Thompsons Solicitors can help you claim full compensation for lost earnings, medical and care expenses, pain, suffering and more.

Serious and catastrophic injuries are profoundly traumatic. Although their impact cannot be reversed, in the event that they were caused by the negligence, recklessness or unreasonable conduct of another party, claiming compensation can at least lift some of the practical and financial burden.

Our serious and fatal injury solicitors in the Borders have vast experience of handling claims for these types of injury and can help you ensure that you reach the very best possible settlement.

Making a difference

Our specialist personal injury solicitors have the expertise and experience necessary to confidently and knowledgeably help you claim compensation for serious head, brain, spinal and amputation injuries as well as any other type of injury that requires significant levels of support and assistance.

Our serious injury claim specialists in the Borders aim to help those affected live life as fully and independently as possible following a serious injury. This means that in addition to helping you secure the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries, we are fully committed to helping you receive the best possible rehabilitation, support and care.

All of this is provided under a No Win No Fee agreement so that you can rest assured that you will never incur any financial risk while making your claim—unless you win your case, you will have absolutely nothing to pay.

Our expertise extends to many areas, including the following:

  • Adaptations to your home or car
  • The purchase of specialist vehicles
  • Recovery of lost earnings and expenses
  • The provision of private healthcare
  • Rehabilitation, therapy and nursing care
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome

Fatal injuries

The loss of a close family member or loving partner in a fatal accident has deep and lasting consequences. However, as well as the emotional impact, there is invariably also a financial impact, and financial difficulties only further compound the trauma of loss.

Here at our fatal and serious injury claims office in the Borders, we work to ensure that bereaved family members and dependents of those killed in fatal accidents have the opportunity to receive monetary compensation for their loss without the incurrence of any financial risk during the claims process.

We can help you claim compensation for a fatal injury arising from any of the following:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Medical accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Accidents abroad
  • Marine accidents
  • Transport accidents

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At Thompsons, our solicitors in Galashiels work towards securing the very best for you and your loved ones. Our No Win No Fee package ensures that you never have to pay a single penny towards your legal costs if your claim proves to be unsuccessful.

Our priority is representing those unfairly injured by another's negligence, recklessness and unreasonable conduct. This is why we only ever represent the victims in personal injury claims. This means we have developed a deep understanding of the impact that an injury can cause, not only to the affected individual but also to his or her family and community.

If you would like to begin your claim or have any questions you would like to ask, call us today on 0800 0891 331. We will connect you with a specialist fatal and serious injury claim lawyer in the Borders as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances, and there is no obligation to proceed.

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