A Will is perhaps the most important document you’ll ever sign. This is where you decide what happens to your possessions, your money and your property.

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We would recommend appointing Thompsons Scotland Trustees Ltd to act as your Executor, for the undernoted reasons:

  • As a Limited Company, Thompsons Scotland Trustees Ltd will never be incapable or unable to carry out the responsibilities of this role.
  • There will automatically be the benefit of a personal and specialist service to deal with the many issues that can arise when dealing with the administration of an estate.
  • impartiality and a complete removal from any emotional influence that may distract from the swift and professional winding up of your estate.

Please note, if you wish to specifically leave your house to someone who is not a main beneficiary you require to upgrade to the Premium Will service.

If this beneficiary dies before you, who do you wish to inherit the whole of your estate?

If you have answered No or NA who do you wish to inherit your estate?

Now that you're making your Will, you really need to create a Power of Attorney

This is simply a legal document allowing someone of your choosing to make decisions for you if you become ill or infirm later in life.

A relative/loved one can't just "step in" - without a Power of Attorney they face an expensive and lengthy court process just to be allowed to deal with your affairs.

Don't wait until it's too late - take advantage of your union discount for this Power of Attorney service.


This information is received in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to anyone outwith Thompsons.

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