On Demand Support Service

Legal Helpline

By becoming part of our referral network, you will receive a free phone number and direct email address to access a free specialist legal line. This line will be available for general advice and recommendations relating to your personal injury cases.  

You could use the legal line for example if you are looking for specialist advice in relation to medical experts/ rehabilitation providers / liability experts.

The free legal helpline will allow you to benefit from our years of experience and the relationships we have built up within the industry over many years. 

Newsletter - Free Legal Updates

Once you are part of our referral network you will receive free updates on court reforms, legislative changes and advances in case law.

Free CPD

On becoming part of our referral network you will be offered a free space at a number of our CPD events which take place through the year

Financial Support Service

Running and litigating a personal injury claim can carry with it significant expense and risk. We can help remove some or all of that financial worry and risk depending on the level of service you require. Being able to progress a personal injury claim without financial constraint and worry makes a successful outcome for you and your client far more likely.

Serious and Fatal Injury Unit Support Service

We are often contacted for assistance in serious and catastrophic injury cases.

The consequences of not providing accurate advice and an exemplary service in these types of cases can have devastating consequences for the client and the agents acting on their behalf. The sooner we are able to become involved in these types of cases the better for you and your client.

Using the wrong expert for example or not including key heads of claim such as rehabilitation costs or accommodation costs could cost your client thousands of pounds in a reduced settlement award and leave you open to a professional negligence claim.

Using Thompsons On Demand means you will be in a position to take advantage of our years of experience and specialist expertise in this area. You will benefit from relationships we have built up over the years with experts, support organisations and charities.

When dealing with serious and catastrophic injury cases it is not just about securing the maximum amount of compensation for your client it is also about helping your client move forward physically, psychologically and emotionally. Putting in place a support network for your client and their family from the outset is key.

Using our service in serious and catastrophic injury cases can give you financial piece of mind in running what will undoubtedly be an expensive case requiring multiple expert reports. It will also mean you are safe in the knowledge that your client is receiving the support and level of legal service necessary to achieve the best possible result for all.  

Litigation Support Service

It may be that you reach the stage of litigating a case before you require assistance, support or advice.

For an agreed upfront payment or fee share arrangement you can benefit from our years of litigation experience and the relationships we have established with counsel and the courts. Whether you want us to act as court agents or want to instruct one off pieces of work such as Adjustments or Notes in the Line we can offer a model to suit you, your client and your case. 

Appearance Agents

If you are unable to enter appearance due to time constraints or location constraints we can act as local agents on your behalf in Court of Session and ASPIC cases. 

Court Runner Service

If you need someone to deliver time sensitive documents to the Court of Session and/or ASPIC or need someone to pick up or copy documents from process this is a service we can deliver. 

Legal Accounting Services

By becoming part of our referral network you will have access to our experienced accounting team. It may be you have an accounting query or it may be you want someone to take over preparing and negotiating your account of expenses. The flexibility of the service we can offer means that the level of service you receive is controlled entirely by you.

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