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James Robertson had suffered an injury at work on the 16th of January 2007. He recently received compensation for his injuries in the Court of Session.

Mr Robertson had been working on a naval destroyer on his employer’s Govan shipyard at the time of his injury. He was injured when he slipped on a manhole cover on the deck which had not been properly secured. As a result of this fall he suffered a fractured skull and soft tissue injuries to his neck and had to go to hospital. He was later diagnosed with post- concussion syndrome which continues to affect him.

Despite this however, his employer refused to settle his compensation claim, arguing that he should have seen that the cover was not secure. This was not accepted in court however as the cover had been in place properly shortly before the accident and Mr Robertson was not expected to watch it at all times while trying to do his own job. Therefore, the court found in favour of Mr Robertson and awarded him a compensation payment of £15,231.

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