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This Thompsons client was seriously injured whilst working as a local authority refuse collector. In the course of his normal duties he was working behind a bin lorry loading rubbish. Whilst standing on the pavement waiting for the bin lorry to pass him he slipped onto the ground and his leg went onto the road.  The driver did not see him and consequently his leg was run over by the truck. He suffered very serious injuries. While he was recovering he decided to contact Thompsons to see if he might have a case to claim compensation for his injuries.

Susanne McGraw, AssociateOne of Thompsons specialist injury lawyers, Susanne McGraw, believed that he had a very good case and started by collecting statements from his work colleagues who were there at the time. During the course of these interviews it became apparent to Susanne that very little training had been given to the men who worked on the refuse truck and that no proper risk assessment had ever been done.  Had the client been told to stay behind the vehicle at all time the accident could have been avoided.

Susanne and her team raised these issues with the local authority who accepted that this lack of any proper training had led to the accident. They decided to pay out a settlement of £50,000.

After receiving his pay out the gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous said “ I’m extremely happy with this. I wasn’t even sure if I had a case but after Susanne explained things to me I could see that I did. I was badly hurt and now I can see that if my bosses had sorted proper training for me this most likely would not have happened. Susanne did a fantastic job for me and I’m frankly gobsmaked with the amount of cash I was awarded.”

His lawyer Susanne McGraw said “This whole case came down to the fact that the gentleman involved had never been given any proper training. The council should have made sure their employees were properly trained and that any risks to them were adequately controlled. When the council were presented with the evidence that no proper training or risk asesment had been done they quickly made an offer which both myself and my client felt was satisfactory. Its only right that given how serious his injuries were that he got this sizeable settlement.”

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