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Thompsons have secured a very substantial settlement for one of their clients, a construction worker from Fife. He was seriously injured while working as a plant operator for a major construction company. When the gentleman arrived  at work one morning to begin his duties on a large new housing development he lost his footing and slipped. To recover his balance he steadied himself by placing his hand on a large concrete block. Just as he did this a crane operator, from a contractor who was unloading concrete blocks lowered a huge mono block directly onto the client’s hand. It was a very serious accident with several fingers badly crushed. The injury was so severe that the client had to be off work for a considerable period of time and was unable to take part in many of his favourite past times many of which are outdoor pursuits. He lost much of his confidence and while previously he’d been a very outgoing person he now just wanted to stay at home. His confidence was also affected by the fact that he wasn’t able to go back to his old job as a plant operator and was instead given menial duties to perform.

Stewart WhiteIt was then that he decided to contact Thompsons to see if was entitled to any compensation. Stewart White from Thompsons who is an expert at dealing with this sort of case thought this gentleman had a very strong claim. Stewart began by getting expert medical opinion on his injury which detailed how much pain he was in and how long it would take him to recover. Witnesses to the accident were also interview by Stewart which proved vital in providing evidence which backed up the client’s account.

The Insurers for the contractors contested his claim and so Stewart raised an action in the Court of Session. The case settled out of court for  £100,000 pounds in compensation. Speaking after the decision the client who wanted to remain anonymous said “I’m just delighted with this. The accident and everything that came after it has been a nightmare for me and my family. As well as all the pain I was in I really lost my confidence and wasn’t able to enjoy all my hobbies the way I used to. Speaking with Thompsons and having Stewart as my lawyer was a big boost after all that. He was clear that none of this was my fault and that I was absolutely entitled to compensation for what had happened. Stewart’s help and advice was such a comfort to me and my family and now the case is over I can start getting on with my life again”

His lawyer Stewart White said “This gentleman is a decent and hard-working man who suffered a very serious injury at work through no fault of his own. The accident had an enormous impact on his life and on his family. It was very clear to me that the fault lay with the contractor engaged by his employers hence the action was raised in the Court of Session. The substantial sum that he was awarded is completely justified given how serious the injury was. His case shows just how important it is for people to contact specialist personal injury lawyers if they’re involved in this kind of accident.”


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