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Following Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed all of our offices and our staff are now all working from home using secure technologies to ensure they are able to continue to progress with existing and new cases as normal. All face to face meetings have been cancelled, however we are continuing to hold these meetings via phone and video calls. All the team are contactable on their direct dial numbers and email should you need to speak with your solicitor, please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything during this time.

We know these are uncertain and unsettling times for many of our clients, and the wider population, and things might look a little different for the foreseeable future. But our focus remains on our dedication, knowledge and strength that we provide to all our clients. We will continue to provide updates over the coming days and weeks in accordance with official guidelines and to keep everyone informed of the situation.

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Accident at Work

A Scottish steel firm has been fined £50,000 after an employee suffered a broken arm and finger in what a Sheriff described as ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

The accident happened when a squad of men were marking steel plates outside the Forth Steel factory in Edinburgh which is owned by Rangers former chairman Sir David Murray.

Richard Dawson has received compensation after being injured at work in a welding accident. The 46 year old had been working for the company for 8 years when the accident occurred.

Mr Dawson’s job as a spot welder involved him lying on his back in a confined space under a trailer. The trailer was held up by jacks to enable him to fit under, and the already small space was further constricted by the fact that he was wearing a visor and carrying a welding torch. On this occasion he had several welds to do, meaning that he had to change his position several times. On the last time he did this he had to turn his head in order to move, but as he did a drip of molten metal dripped down from the weld into his ear.

A woman has recently received compensation after contracting a skin disease at work. She was exposed to latex at work despite her employer knowing that she was allergic to it.

She had been diagnosed with the allergy several years before making her compensation claim. After being diagnosed, her employer had provided her with nitryl vinyl gloves to wear while doing her job as a nurse. Later however, she was changed to a new type of gloves which she was assured did not contain latex. After she began to develop extreme itching on her skin when wearing them, she realised that they did in fact contain latex.

A man has received a compensation payment after having fingers severed in a workplace accident. Wesley Dickinson had been working as a machine operator in a factory owned by Centriforce Products at the time of the accident.

A 26 year old woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, received compensation after tripping in a public place.

At the time of the accident she had been walking to a friend’s house to borrow some nappies as she had run out. She was walking on a public footpath and as she walked her right foot became caught in a hole in the path. This caused her to fall and then land on a piece of broken fence post which was protruding from the ground.

An HGV fitter has received a compensation payment after being diagnosed with vibration induced carpal tunnel syndrome. He was paid the compensation by his employer, TNT Express UK Limited.

65 year old Harry Alcock had begun to feel numbness in his hands but hadn’t realised that his condition was serious. However, the numbness began to get worse and started to interfere with some of his hobbies, such as golf and gardening. He also started to have difficulty sleeping and became aware of increased sensitivity in his hands. He sought medical advice and was told that he had carpal tunnel syndrome and that it was irreversible.

Paul Robertson recently received compensation after suffering an injury at work. He had been working as a delivery driver for a furniture company at the time.

James Robertson had suffered an injury at work on the 16th of January 2007. He recently received compensation for his injuries in the Court of Session.

Mr Robertson had been working on a naval destroyer on his employer’s Govan shipyard at the time of his injury. He was injured when he slipped on a manhole cover on the deck which had not been properly secured. As a result of this fall he suffered a fractured skull and soft tissue injuries to his neck and had to go to hospital. He was later diagnosed with post- concussion syndrome which continues to affect him.

Ian Black recently received compensation after sustaining a back injury at work. This was not the first time that he had injured his back.

Part of Mr Black’s role at work was to manually wind cable. This was despite his employer being aware that he had a pre-existing back problem. The strain of winding the cable at work caused further injury to his back on top of this.

A van driver has made a successful compensation claim against his employer after falling asleep at the wheel after being severely overworked. He had been required by his employer to work excessive hours and drive long distances during a period of many weeks.

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