Sharon McCallum works for Stirling Council as a cleaner in a Primary School.  While doing her routine duties she slipped and fell while cleaning up in the kids toilets. Sharon slipped due to soap leaking out of one of the dispensers on the wall. Now this had been raised by various cleaning staff to school management but it was not investigated by them.

As a result of the accident Sharon suffered a rupture of a tendon on her right thumb.  She required surgery to repair the tendon in her thumb.

Through Sharon's trade union Thompsons took up her claim. Stirling Council tried to settle her case at a lower amount but Thompsons Lawyers continued to argue that Sharon's injuries were serious and a higher level of compensation was required. This was finally agreed by Stirling Council and Sharon was pleased to accept their higher offer. She said "I found my solicitor at Thompsons to be very helpful. I felt I got the best possible legal advice and was always kept informed. The moment there was a development in my case Thompsons were on the phone. At the end of the day I got the result that I wanted. I've since recommended Thompsons to a friend of mine who had a legal issue and she's been very happy with them too."

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