Mr Judge works for a well known engineering firm and was injured in the course of his work from a dangerous chemical spill. He was carrying a container full of the hazardous chemical oxidite when it spilled out and caused injury to his right knee.  He sustained a very nasty chemical burn.  Thompsons established that that there had been a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations act and began work immediately to secure him proper compensation.

Specialist solicitors obtained a medical report which showed that Mr Judge had sustained a deep large chemical burn to his right knee and he was left with a large scar. After being presented with this evidence Mr Judge's employers quickly decided to settle his claim with an amount he was extremely happy with. He said "everyone knows insurance companies don’t like paying out. My employers insurers were no different. I was lucky I had Thompsons lawyers on my side as they dealt with this matter extremely quickly and secured me a pay-out that I was very very happy with."

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