Carol Forrester works in the princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow as an auxiliary. One of her duties is making sure the areas where patient's food and drinks are prepared are clean and well maintained. Whilst Carol was cleaning some food preparation machines she received an extremely nasty cut to her forearm. The cut was caused by a sharp piece of metal that shouldn't have been there. Carol's arm was cut badly by this jagged piece of metal and as it healed it left a scar.

Through her Trade Union UNISON Carol got in touch with Thompsons to find out if there was anything that could be done to compensate her for the pain and scarring she'd endured. The accident team at Thompsons were able to secure her a payment that was significantly higher than the original offer made by the health board. Not only was Carol compensated but as a result of her case the danger posed by the piece of metal was sorted. Carol said "This may seem like a small matter to some people but my cut could have ended up a lost nastier. I'm lucky in some ways that I only ended up with some scarring. Thompsons made sure that I got the best settlement and I'm also pleased hospital bosses sorted this danger so others wouldn’t get cut. Thompsons were really brilliant and I would certainly recommend them to family and friends."

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