John Corbett is an experienced engineer working at the Rio Tinto Alcan plant in Fort William. One of his main duties is working with molten aluminium metal where he’s involved in pouring the metal into various moulds. During the course of his routine duties John was unlucky enough to drop some of the metal onto his foot. This molten aluminium burned through his safety clothing and boots causing John a very nasty burn.
The safety clothing he’d been given by his employers simply wasn’t good enough to do the job. His bosses did admit that the injuries caused to John were their fault and when Thompsons produced evidence from medical experts they decided to settle the claim at a level that was acceptable to John and his legal team.
John said “I know I work in a job that’s potentially hazardous which is why the safety clothing is so important. The stuff I’d been given wasn’t up to the job and I ended up getting badly hurt. Thompsons got the whole thing sorted out for me quickly and with no fuss at all. My lawyer, Laura, did a grand job and I was very happy with the result.”
Laura McGeeLaura McGee, Mr Corbett’s Lawyer, said. “John had a really nasty accident. Working with molten metals can be very dangerous which is why it’s so important that employers always make sure that their staff have proper safety equipment and clothing. That wasn’t the case here and John ended up with a very nasty burn and it was only through sheer good fortune that he wasn’t more badly injured. John’s employers did admit liability and after seeing the medical evidence that Thompsons presented them with they decided to settle his claim. Mr Corbett received compensation of £7000 which we believe is a very good settlement and just shows how important it is to have a strong legal team behind you.”

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