Thompsons were contacted by a concerned mum after her ten year old daughter was injured cycling near her home in Dumbarton. Many of the roads near the child’s house had recently been made by a building contractor and were in a poor state of repair having not been finished properly. The little girl lost control of her bike on a badly maintained section of tarmac.

She sustained permanent  facial scarring and was in a great deal of pain as well as suffering emotional upset. Her mum was furious as she had repeatedly contacted her local council and the building company who had recently constructed the roads about their very poor state. She called Thompsons after a recommendation from a friend and their lawyers quickly decided to fight her child’s case.

Laura McGeeThe little girl’s lawyer Laura McGee obtained a report from a specialist surgeon who deals with facial scarring and when this medical evidence was presented to the building company they quickly agree a compensation settlement. The girl’s mum who wanted to remain anonymous said “I was really angry about what happened to my daughter. They could have fixed these roads ages ago but decided they had other priorities. God knows how many other people have been injured. I’m not one for calling lawyers at the drop of a hat but when your child is injured through other people’s neglect no parent can accept that.  Our lawyer Laura was so nice and made the whole thing really simple. I can’t thank her enough.”

The child’s lawyer Laura McGee commented “This is just another example of why it’s so important that the people responsible for roads properly maintain them and pavements. This is a serious issue and the little girl could have been more badly injured.  A builder who has been employed to construct houses and roads for a new estate  can’t simply wash their hands and leave things in an unfinished state.” 

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