At Thompson’s we would like to reassure all our clients that as far as possible we are operating as normal. The health and safety of our staff and clients is our primary concern during this outbreak and as such we are reviewing the situation on a regular basis and will be adapting our working practices following government guidelines. However, we have had to make some minor changes to how we are doing things.

Following Government guidelines, we have temporarily closed all of our offices and our staff are now all working from home using secure technologies to ensure they are able to continue to progress with existing and new cases as normal. All face to face meetings have been cancelled, however we are continuing to hold these meetings via phone and video calls. All the team are contactable on their direct dial numbers and email should you need to speak with your solicitor, please do not hesitate to talk to us about anything during this time.

We know these are uncertain and unsettling times for many of our clients, and the wider population, and things might look a little different for the foreseeable future. But our focus remains on our dedication, knowledge and strength that we provide to all our clients. We will continue to provide updates over the coming days and weeks in accordance with official guidelines and to keep everyone informed of the situation.

As always, for any concerns, advice and updates on your case; Talk to Thompsons.

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Compensation Claims News

A man has made a successful claim for compensation after suffering an injury on a train. At the time of the injury he had been travelling to London on business.

The injury itself occurred when the plastic grid that is designed to keep the light bulbs in place became loose and fell. It struck the man on the head, causing him to collapse to the ground. This meant that he had to attend hospital and was treated for his head injury.

A student has made a successful compensation claim after being injured in a nightclub event. The Newcastle University student was injured at the “Grab a Grand” event.

The event involved £1,000 in cash being thrown onto the dancefloor. As people rushed forward to get the money, they created a stampede. The student had been standing near where the money had been thrown and was crushed in the melee. He sustained some physical injuries as well as psychological trauma due to the frightening experience.

A man has received compensation after being injured while working out at his local gym. He made the claim for compensation after breaking his foot.

A woman has received compensation after slipping in spilt prawn cocktail in a Marks and Spencer store. She sustained a broken hip as a result of the fall.

Janet Morritt, 71, had been out shopping in her local Marks and Spencer store in Perth at the time of the accident.  As she was walking down an aisle she slipped in a puddle, causing her to fall against a chilled food cabinet.

A man has received compensation after suffering a serious brain injury during an assault. After the attack he managed to secure the maximum award of compensation available under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Andrew, who does not wish to disclose his last name, had been serving as an army medic at the time of the assault. He was attacked while leaving a pub. He sustained damage to his brain and as a result of this has been unable to work since the attack.

A 63-year-old woman has received compensation for medical negligence after being given the wrong prescription by a supermarket pharmacy.

It is reported that Margaret Kelly had a friend collect her prescription from Morrisons supermarket, who assumed that they were her usual drugs - a steroid for her chest infection - and she took eight of the tablets as prescribed by her GP when they were delivered to her.

Christine Murphy was injured when she went to buy petrol from a Sainsburys  supermarket in Glasgow.  She filled her car up and went into the petrol station to pay.  As she left she slipped on the wet floor.

She had fractured her right shoulder and had to go to hospital to have the injury treated. She was unable to leave the house for four weeks after this because of the seriousness of her injury. She had to wear a cast for 11 weeks and was unable to work during this time. Mrs Murphy also had to cancel a holiday in Barcelona which she had booked.

An accountant who was dismissed from his job for spending too much time at work surfing the internet has been awarded almost £40,000 compensation by an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

David Innes was told that his 'excessive' web use (he was accused of reaching over 27,000 web hits) breached company policy at Scottish and Southern Energy. He was dismissed in February 2009.

A female employee at a care home received compensation after being assaulted by a resident. The male resident had dementia and had been violent towards other care workers in the past. Despite this, the woman was left alone in the unit at the time of the attack.

She was left with injuries to her neck, arm and shoulder, as well as suffering from psychological effects caused by the trauma of the assault. Due to these injuries she now finds it difficult to work or perform basic household tasks.

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had gone to do some shopping in her local Asda store in Darlington. On the way in she tripped and fell on a cracked paving stone in the car park. The 64-year-old was left badly injured as she fractured her left elbow. Following her injury, she needed two separate operations to try to repair the damage.

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