At 64, Alan Valente, from Musselburgh, was close to enjoying a relaxing retirement from the building industry he worked in all of his life. 
Any hopes of a pain free retirement were however suddenly dashed after a discarded brick on the scaffolding where he was working caused him to dislocate and fracture his ankle.  The incident left him with injuries that will affect his ability to walk for the rest of his life. 
“It’s one of those things that just shouldn’t happen on a building site” he said, “I’m pretty lucky I didn’t fall off.”
“The first thing I felt was this incredible pain and then the worry of having to go to hospital and what was going to happen with work.  Then I started to feel angry that this was all happening to me – The whole thing wasn’t my fault.”
Alan, a scaffolder by trade, came to Thompsons Solicitors to get redress for his injuries and he was delighted with the support he received.
“From the word go Thompsons were effective and attentive”, he said
“I had real confidence in them.  They kept me informed and I had no doubt that they were doing their best to get the best for me.
“When my employer was dragging his feet, it was hard going for me, but I knew that with Thompsons I had the best chance of success.”
Thanks to the award winning solicitors at Thompsons, Alan Valente’s case was successful and he got the support he deserved to help him and his family.
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